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MDA was founded in 2019 and since then, many students have contributed in various capacities. We wish all of our McMaster graduates well in their future endeavours and thank them for their contributions.

Our Team: Text


Danial Aminaei, Co-President (2019-2021)
Mohammad Farzbod, Co-President (2019-2021)
Aastha Relan, Co-President, VP External, First Year Rep (2019-2023)
Yashar Lariei, Co-President, VP External, VP Admin (2019-2022)
Ryan Ziae, VP Admin, VP Finance (2019-2022)
Angela Tobia, VP Academic (2019-2021)
Zani Zartashah, VP Promotions (2019-2021)
Christina Pizzola, VP External (2019-2020)
Yasamin Allahverdi, VP External (2019-2020)
Meshwa Pandya, VP Event (2019-2020)
Genevieve Dietrich, VP Promotion (2019-2020)
Catherine Allan, VP Academic (2019-2020)
Ivana Tang, VP Academic (2019-2020)
Luke Cheon, Photographer (2019-2020)
Leili Azari, Photographer (2019-2020)
Paniz Poursharif, VP Events (2020-2021)
Armin Sariaslani, VP Events (2020-2021) 
Davina Premraj, First Year Rep (2020-2021)
Dinuri Punchihewa, Photographer (2020-2021)
Denise Catacutan, VP Academic, VP Social (2020-2021)
Drishti Pandaya, VP Academic, VP Promotion (2020-2022) 
Maral Aminaei, VP Finance (2020-2022) 
Parsa Razeghi, First Year Rep (2021-2022)
Susanna Fang, VP Research (2021-2022)
Ans Muhammad, VP Research (2021-2023)
Alan Minkovich, VP Social (2022-2023)

Our Team: Text
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