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Living with Diabetes - The Financial Burden

For many with diabetes, it is no secret that prescription costs can be quite high, and without adequate insurance, the financial costs of living with diabetes can be a real burden. According to Diabetes Canada, annual out-of-pocket costs for those with Type 1 Diabetes can exceed $18,000 and those with Type 2 Diabetes can expect to pay approximately $10,000.

To help Canadians with the rising costs of managing diabetes, New Brunswick announced that it would try to ease the financial burden by allocating $2.1 million toward diabetes management.

The province aims to do this by removing the age cap on the extremely beneficial insulin-pump program, which is currently at 25. This will allow patients above 25 to continue to benefit from the insulin-pump program and receive some much-needed help in managing their diabetes.

This initiative comes at a great time for the province as the number of people living with diabetes in the province is expected to increase by 23 percent.

It is expected that the Government of Canada, alongside other provinces, will follow in New Brusnwick’s footsteps by proving more support to Canadians living with diabetes.

Controlling the prices of essentials such as blood-glucose monitors, insulin, and many other supplies will help Canadians manage their diabetes, and also help them with the increasing costs of goods and services.


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